Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some updates on our trip preparation

Well - I realize that it has been awhile. We've been having to put some things on the back burner due to weather, work, kids' school stuff, etc. But, I was able to get a few things done today and earlier this week.
While we are on our trip, we hope to be able to generate a bit of income through The 'Puter Tech Man. So, one of the things that was accomplished earlier this week was a sign of sorts applied to the back of our trailer.
The picture on the left above is what it looked like before. And on the right is what it looks like with the new sign on it. The other thing is that at the office, we had an extra sandwich board that we weren't using. So, we had a sign made on that as well. With that one, we can put it out at our campsites along the way and let people know if they need help, we can do that. We have contacted the places along the way that we will be staying in, and so far no one has said that we could not do this. So we plan to! Here is that sandwich board.

The other thought we had was that to make it easier for people to be able to pay for jobs on the road. It seems that it is easier for most people to pay by credit card , especially while on travels. So, we searched and came up with a place that we are able to accept credit cards using the internet. Then we can print out or email a receipt to the customer. We have ran a test - and it worked! So that will be one more thing to make doing business on the road just a bit easier.

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