Sunday, June 6, 2010

Down to the Wire

So, two weeks from tomorrow (Monday) we leave on our adventure. It is hard to believe that after working towards this and waiting for all this time to pass, that it finally is here. Watching Ice Road Truckers tonight was like - Oh my goodness - - - we are REALLY going on THAT ROAD???? Hmmmm, what have I signed up for (Jennifer talking here!).

This weekend we finally got some sun that helped us to get some stuff finished. One of those important details was to finish painting the rusted tongue of the trailer - - - it's amazing with how much a person pays for these RV's and they can't seem to put a decent primer or paint on it. Our trailer is barely a year old, and we had to do this already. Then we laid out where the food bins will go, along with the mobility scooter and the 13 gallons of fresh drinking water.
And at the last minute, Vince noticed that with the small wardrobe that we had right inside the trailer it was actually quite a bit of wasted storage space. We aren't planning on taking too much in the way of hanging up clothes. So, we got it all measured out, and Vince set to work on making it into a 3-shelf closet. The top shelf is perfect for the printer that we are taking with us. The next shelf down is basically set up to be a charging unit. This means that all electronics (cell phone, ipods, etc.) will have a place to be when they need to be charged. It is set up with an APC Surge Protector, with power strip liberators (little mini extension cords), so up to six bricks for charging can be plugged in at a time. And - with a family of five, and all our assorted electronic paraphernalia - we need it!! The last shelf has a purpose as well! We will use that to store DVD's and the variety of medications - both prescription and not - that we need to keep our family happy and healthy! Underneath the bottom shelf, there is about 18 inches still. We will use that area for a bin of parts and tools that we are taking for computer repair, or possibly for extra shoes - or who knows what!

Vince also worked on getting the GPS unit updated (new map updates) and googled all the RV parks and got them input, so that is ready to get us where we need to be as well.

So, the countdown is on. There is much still that needs to be done, but we feel that we got a lot done this weekend. We are thankful for the weather that God provided for us to be able to get so much done! We will be posting more frequently now that the departure date is eminent.
--Vince & Jennifer

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  1. Well we have only had out TT for barely 3 months and we are seeing rust already! What's up with that?