Monday, June 28, 2010

Day Seven - Fort Nelson

Well - we tried to post on Day Seven - but our connection was lacking. It's a bit better this morning, so hopefully it will work better.

We left about 9:30 Sunday morning, about an hour late, after realizing that our beds in the back of the trailer will no longer go up and down as they are supposed to. Minor inconvenience, but nothing that will keep us from going forward in our journey. Especially since it is Sunday and no one is open to fix it. So we carry on. The sign in the picture says Thank you for visiting Dawson Creek - taken out the front window of the truck.

So, here is a picture of our children enjoying their truck riding adventure. Let's just say that they are not always this smiley!

This picture was taken of a bridge - it is the last wooden trestle bridge on the last driveable section of the Old Alaskan Highway. It was quite *fun* riding across it. The view was amazing. After we crossed and looked back, this is what we saw. WOW!!

Along the way, we also stopped at a memorial that was created to honor 12 men who lost their lives when their pontoon sank while working on the highway to bridge Charlie Lake.

The beauty of the land around us is simply amazing. Each direction we look, we are simply in awe of God's creation. Here are a couple of pictures of this. Also, the pictures are showing the way the highway goes on *forever*!!

We had intended to stop somewhere along the way on our route to Fort Nelson. But every place that was advertised in the Milepost was - well - icky. So, we kept on going to the next place, until the next place was Fort Nelson - so here we are. We pulled in around 5:00, and got settled a bit, not totally, because we intend to have the beds looked at and in case we need to take it somewhere. We went to dinner at the restaurant here at the campground. Let's just say, we would have been better off to eat at the trailer again. It was okay. Yep - okay.

Came back and everyone got showers for the night and then we tried to settle in with a movie and a snack. And that concludes Day Seven - can't wait to see what Day Eight holds!!


  1. What park are you in at Fort Nelson?

  2. Hey Jennifer! How fun to live your journey vicariously through your blog :) Just wanted to let you know I'm following! I'm impressed with the amount of preparation that went into this trip -- can't wait to see what adventures await you next!


  3. Hi Kip - - we are at Triple G, under new management - used to be West End, I believe. Pretty nice - lots of bugs!!! Have you been this way before?

  4. Great pics Jenn! Did you get the bed issue figured out or looked at?

  5. No, but I'm following you from home, lol and wanted to check the area out and see where you actually were staying! I love details, lol!! Have a ball!