Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Three and Four

We started out the day on our way to Valemount, B.C. As we headed up the highway, we decided it was going to take longer to get where we wanted to get, so we did a search with Susan (our GPS). She told us that we were right near a turnoff that would take us a different way and would cut off quite a few miles. So we veered off the road we were on, highway 5 and cut across on 24 and then started going north on Highway 97. While we were cutting across - we saw our FIRST MOOSE!! It was quite an exciting moment. So exciting, in fact, that Jennifer almost deafened Vince in hollering - MOOSE!!

We headed on our way, driving for what seemed quite a while - 275+ miles, and made a phone call to one of the parks that we are already reserved at on our way home - Robert's Roost outside Quesnell. It was a nice park, so we already know we will enjoy spending our two days that we have reserved there in August (boy, that seems like a long way away!). The next morning, we got up and went into the town (quite nice town) and did 2 hours worth of laundry and Vince was able to take care of a couple housekeeping chores - like getting a key made and a new hose for a water pump, etc.

We headed on our way after those few chores. On our way up 97. We drove without too much incident - except seeing ANOTHER MOOSE!! Fun, again. We were headed to a provincial park. But we were a bit concerned because they were only back-in sites. Fortunately, we found a place we could pull off the side of the road to a bit of a drive through site, well - actually just pull off site. The mosquitoes were ferocious, and it was rainy, so we pretty much stayed inside - enjoyed a couple of DVD's - Tim Hawkins and Chondra Pearce. This was our first experience with dry camping. We had a few moments of concern with the tank settings reading full and just about full. But = we made it through okay. Good training for our time that we will spend driving up the Dalton Highway towards Prudhoe Bay. We all had an early bedtime - catching up on lost sleep somewhere along the way. And that concludes days three and four. Tomorrow - we head up to Dawson Creek - Mile "0" of the Alaskan Hiway! The excitement builds!

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