Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Nine – Liard Provincial Park

Today, very early this morning, we left Fort Nelson. Our wake up time was 4:08 – yes that is A.M. Amazing – and we all got up with fairly decent attitudes and such. Even mom. Our goal in getting up that early was to see lots of wildlife – and WOW!! We did. It was so cool. We saw 1 mouse, 2 small bears, 2 rabbits, 2 either stone sheep or moose, not really sure which. And the most fun – a whole herd of bison. That was so fun. They were right there – just hanging out in the grove. Lots of babies.

We stopped at several places along the way as well. Isn't this a cool picture? Vince took it at the first stop and the reflection and stuff - just totally unique!! We stopped at Tetsa River Campground because we had read in the Milepost Book about the cinnamon rolls. Fresh baked daily – and they were very yummy!! Another place was Toad River Lodge. It was a place that has thousands of caps on the ceiling. For those of you who are familiar with McGuires Pub, it’s like the dollar bills there, only caps instead. Pretty cool – it seems they go on forever. Today’s count was 7,777. Nice round perfect number! We stopped at many viewpoints or vistas as well. Then a few other stops, just to stretch and stay awake!!

We arrived at Liard Provincial Park around noon. Got into our assigned space and took off to do some exploring. Primary on everyone’s mind was the hot springs. We took off on the walk to there – it ended up being almost a 20 minute walk. This is just a small part of the boardwalk that we took to get there. Our first trip there – Jordon and Elizabeth went in. Then later in the afternoon, Jordon went back in. Our plan was to go back in the evening as a family.

We BBQ’d some steaks for dinner. It was good to have a bit of meat! Afterwards, it was raining and we didn’t really want to take that walk to the hot springs in the rain, so we headed off on a little drive. Well there isn’t really much of any places to drive to in Liard, so we drove across the street, and enjoyed a piece of pie at the lodge there. Then went back and we all went to the springs.

We are calling it an early evening – it’s only 10:30 and everyone is sound asleep except me, and I am well on my way. Bye for now!

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