Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Ten – Watson Lake

We had planned to stay at Liard for 2 nights, but one can only go to the hot springs so many times. So, we decided to cut it short and head to Watson Lake. We got in here around 5:30 this afternoon. This morning we went to the hot springs and had lunch before we left. This afternoon, we enjoyed seeing a bunch more animals on our way here. Today we saw a bear, more bison, a deer – bounding through the forest – I think that is it. Such fun. I could watch them forever!!

Our campground here is superb! They stack you in like slices of cheese. There is no room between the spots. I think the purpose is just to get you in for spending the night and then moving on. BUT – the laundry room (where I am posting this) is immaculately clean, as are the rest rooms. It is really refreshing to be at a place that shows that they care. If any of you head up this way, or are interested, it is called Downtown RV Park. It is walking distance to all the touristy stuff – which we will do tomorrow. Right now it is almost midnight and that is when this picture was taken. Can you believe how light it is outside??!!??

I can’t wait to let you know the fun that we take in tomorrow.


  1. Wow, it does look like they've packed you in. There sure is lots of people on the road, more than I thought there would be. Love seeing the animals!

  2. OH i just LOVE your postings and feel right along with ya'll.
    TELL VINCE I think there will be a all new aporeiciaton for him when you get back. SOOO many people that have needed tech man!!!
    This week alone I could have sent him 4 people.
    Have fun make memories and get closer!!