Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 29 - Anchorage, Alaska

Hard to believe - but we are at the end of four weeks now. Half way through our planned trip. But, of course there have been changes. We have spent almost half of the trip separated. Elizabeth and Jennifer in Anchorage, and Vince and the boys on the road. And now, we are planning the rest of the trip, separated still. As it stands now - Elizabeth will be transferred to Children's Hospital in Seattle on Thursday (their Tues and Wed openings filled up). Vince and Matthew and Jordon will continue on the route previously planned, but they will be at each place shorter than the itinerary was laid out. Some places that had been planned out for about 6 days will now be only 3 days. They plan to be back in Lynden around the 12th of August. We do not know how long Elizabeth's treatment at Children's will be. We are still praying for an opening at Ronald McDonald House there, as my reimbursement privileges end when I get to Seattle. Thank you for joining us as we pray for that.

Thank you so much for those who sent cards and letters and for those who still plan to. Today, Elizabeth (and I) was blessed with cards all the way from Florida and Washington and places in between. I will be able to retrieve mail until Wednesday, so any that were sent should be received just fine. Thank you for the encouragement. It was fun to watch her open them at dinner tonight.

Well, no particular pictures to post, although we went out to dinner tonight (after spending Elizabeth's dinner hour with her). We went to The Alaska Wild Berry Park where we saw the "world's largest chocolate fountain". Yummy!! There were some other cool things - like reindeer to pet and feed. We went across the street to Sourdough Mining Company for dinner. We enjoyed a great Barbecue Family Feast - and there was enough for the boys to take with them and have several days food to enjoy as well.

Vince also took the trailer in for repair today to Alaska Performance RV and Marine. So he will pick it up tomorrow. And we will move into a 2-bedroom barracks tomorrow as well. We have been blessed with the way the military has taken care of us.

Well, that is all for now. Thanks again for all of your prayers, encouragement and everything. You are each appreciated. (And if you want to leave a comment and haven't been able to, we have left instructions on the side of the blog.) Feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Do you need a place to stay in Seattle while you await an opening at Ronald McDonald house? Let me know. I know a lot of people in the Seattle area. I live about 45 minutes away, if all else fails and you would like a free place to stay! :)

  2. Hey there Uncle Vince, Auntie Jen, and Cousins! We love you guys so much and miss you! to pet Reindeer...Rachel and Evan are not gonna believe it cuz reindeer are suppose to be with Santa. As for the chocolate fountain..yumm!!!Rachel and I want some! As always, we are praying that God opens some doors of opportunity and healing for your family! If you need anything we are there for you!

  3. Hello again everyone. We are thoroughly enjoying traveling to Alaska with you. You write a good travelogue and the pictures are many and fantastic. We are continuing to pray for you as a family as you walk together in support of Elizabeth and for healing of her mind and heart.
    Bill and Nancy