Monday, July 26, 2010

Days 34, 35, 36

Day 34 We just hung around the trailer. Went out for breakfast because the trailer was cold because we ran out of LP gas whoops. It cost me $58.00 for 14.1 gallons. WOW that's a lot.

Day 35 We left Seward, AK and was suppose to stop for the night in Palmer, AK, but decided to drive on to Valdez, AK 430 miles. The ride was good and roads pretty flat. Below are some pictures of the way in to Valdez.

Day 36 We got up to guess what? Yes More rain and gray skies. This is the rainiest vacation ever for us. We Went to the Valdez Museum, what a town to have endured such hardship in the 1964 earthquake. The earthquake was the number one highest on earthquake on the richter scale in North America at a 9.2. The highest one is 9.5 in Chile. It took them 3 years to prepare the new grounds where they planned to build the new town 5 miles away. you can still see parts of the old town, and parts of the pylons of the pier of what is left of it. They burned all the houses and buildings down.

After checking out the old town we decided to go see this place where people say there is a bear and some cubs feeding, but after several passes of driving back and forth we didn't see any bears. But we did get to see where the pipe line ends.

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