Thursday, July 29, 2010

Days 38 & 39

Day 38 We spent the day on Prince William Sound. We were on a Glacier & Wildlife Tour with Stan Stephens Cruises. The water was calm and the sky's were gray and foggy.
That day the fishermen who fished for salmon had 14 hours to get as much as they can. Here is what they do. They have big nets and the fish can either swim under them or jump over them but the fish are really dumb and end up swimming right into them. then the 2 boats meet up and they reel in the net.

Along the 9 hour cruise we saw many animals... Again... We saw fat sea lions, and cute little sea otters. And we saw a rare moment of them hanging out together on an ice berg.

We went to 2 glaciers. The Columbia glacier and the Mears glacier. The Columbia glacier was so dense in the ice field that we couldn't drive the boat through to go see the actually glacier.

Mears glacier was different. We got to put the boat within a quarter mile of the glacier. We got to see some calving. Matt got a BRILLIANT picture sequence of a piece of ice falling off the glacier and splashing into the ocean.

We were gonna go see some bears feeding on salmon but NO!. Dad decided to take a job and "fix" someones computer. Turns out the computer wouldn't boot up anymore and had to rebuild the computer.... Staying up til 2:30 I personally think he learned his lesson about taking jobs late at night INSTEAD of spending time with his wonderful kids.

Day 39. After waking up early to finish the computer... Aside from getting paid. He got a large chunk of smoked salmon. Thankfully Matt and Jordon got a nice nights sleep and got to sleep in because dad had to keep working on this computer. He finally finished and we got on the road at about 10:45am. We are now in Delta Junction and are going to officially finish the Alaskan Highway soon. Tomorrow we will be going into Canada FINALLY! and going toward home. Less than 2 Weeks thankfully!


  1. Those glaciers looked pretty cool. They reminded me of Iceland.

  2. Awesome post Matthew! I always love looking at the "blue" chunks of ice floating in the water. Isn't it the most beautiful color? Matthew it sounds like you're ready to go home but I promise you that you will always remember this adventure! You are very lucky to have such an adventurous dad! And mom! Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the journey.