Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 32 Seward, AK

This morning the whole Di Tommaso family got up early and went to pick up Elizabeth from North Star Hospital where she has been staying. Elizabeth is being transferred to Seattle Childrens hospital with Jennifer. The army and our insurance provided the transportation to Seattle and Childrens hospital picked them up at Sea Tac Airport. Us guys also went south to Seward Alaska we will be here for 3 days. On the way it was very nice out and would have been really good pictures if it was actually sunny. out.

Seward Alaska is on the Kenai Pennisula on the southern part of Alaska.
We're Staying at stony creek RV park 5 miles north of town. After we set up camp we had to stop off at the Seward Military Resort to pick up the reservation for the tour Fjord National Forest cruise. While in town we stopped at the Alaska Sealife Center and saw some really cool fish and things.
This is a Puffin-->

We were at the campsite and Matt and Jordon went on a walk up a hill and saw a bald eagle, they sat up there for about 20 minutes trying to get a picture of it flying away but it never left.

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