Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Eleven – Watson Lake

Well – it is Canada Day – July 1st. Which was pretty inconsequential for us, actually. The community that we are in had a few things going on – but it was raining, so we didn’t take in any of the events. We did go this morning to the local store that doubles as a department store and a gifts/souvenirs store. Had some quaint things in it. I decided that I am going to collect pins this trip. I wish I had decided this earlier – but better late than never. After that we went to the Northern Lights Center. There was a 50 minute light and laser show about the Northern Lights and other constellation stuff. Unfortunately, Elizabeth got quite motion sick during it, so I took her out. Just another part of her sensory issues. It was nice to see the northern lights however, since we won’t be seeing them *for real* as there is no real darkness at this time of the year.

Oh yes – we woke up to an empty RV park this morning. And we didn’t even wake up really late. But it was pretty empty anyway.

We stopped at the Visitor’s Center this morning also. They have a program going on with a passport type booklet and you go to different places, have them stamp it and when you get 10 stamps you get entered for a couple oz of gold, if you have 20 stamps, it’s for five oz. So, not just for the drawing, but for the information of different places to go, we started that today as well. It is for the whole area from here up to Whitehorse and then some other places as well. We updated the GPS with those destinations and will stop along the way – adding to what we had planned – lots of museums and different things.

Tomorrow we head to Whitehorse and we will get up early and head on our way. Oh yes – we actually entered the Yukon Territory yesterday, not whenever it was earlier that I had mentioned. We will go in and out of Yukon Territory and B.C. about five times tomorrow before we actually enter the official border of Yukon. OK - back to today. After lunch, we went and saw another (sort of) museum. It was at the air terminal, and what it entailed was pictures of how aviation played a part in the history of this area.

Then we went to the Sign Forest. It was simply amazing. It was started by a homesick soldier who posted a sign from his hometown. Since then it has grown to the (truly) forest that it is today. We saw signs from all over, many countries, and most states and provinces represented. And that concluded our day of sight-seeing. It’s time to move on – so tomorrow we will come to you from yet another place.


  1. We've really, REALLY been enjoying going to Alaska with you! You've made going to Alaska so "user-friendly" with all your pictures and the detailed "travel log." It has all been very informative and extremely interesting. Keep it up!!! You've been to some really cool places. Love the pictures of all the animals! We are also tracking your progress on a map of Alaska we have spread out in our office.
    We're praying for you every single day. Nancy and Bill

  2. That sign forest is something else! Why did all the RV er's leave so early?

  3. Because they are either in a caravan or by them self, I us and want to get an early start. Also when you leave early you have a better chance of seeing animals. Thanks for following our blog (vince for jen)