Saturday, July 17, 2010

Want to make a comment - but haven't been able to?

Greetings - we have been made aware that it is difficult to post a comment on the blog, especially if you don't have a google account or one of the other parts of what is listed as a profile. So - - we have set up a *dummy* account - and will give you the information so that you can log in to leave a comment.

Choose a profile - being a google account
Email Address - alaskablogcomment
Password - alaska2010

If you would leave your name in the comment somewhere, so we can know who is actually making the comment, that would be awesome! We look forward to hearing from some of you, who might not have been able to post before!


  1. Vince,
    looks like it works. Only one thing,you said "user name" = alaskablogcomment, the form asks for your email address not user name. check that out. Great, I will now post comments in the future. Phil

  2. Thanks Phil - I changed that! Look forward to your future comments as well! Vince

  3. Hi Vince, we went to church this AM - the first time since our trip back east (folks, Philly, and food!) - and hear the prayer request by Ryan for Elizabeth and your family. Yichs! We will pray. I guess you did not expect that piece of the adventure! I hope all is starting to at least settle a bit. Reading through the total story on the blog is amazing. Buffalo Steak, $7 a gallon milk. Moose, North Pole and on and on. You have been blessed and I am sorry about Elizabeth. We will look forward to hearing the rest, and end, of the story. Steve and Family.

    July 18, 2010 4:08 PM

  4. Love to you all- you've been in our prayers. Glad you are reunited in AK and that Vince and boys were able to have some good guy time together in Denali. Sounds super fun. We have mail for Elizabeth...can we still send it or is there a different address we should use? *Sue and the Hamasakas.

  5. oops- don't know how to change the name there. Ha ha. This is Sue, not Steve. ;)