Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 25 Denali National Park & preserve

How do we start today? wet... Nothing but rain.. Except now.. at midnight, in a bar.. oh wait... I mean in a restaurant with a bar next to it.
today we went to Denali national park with whats supposed to be North Americas LARGEST mountain.. But for some reason we didn't see it.. We went on an 8 hour bus tour going 66 miles into the park and we didn't see ANYTHING.. Rain makes EVERYTHING go away, animals included.. We saw dall sheep and one moose that was too far away to see well or take a good picture of. We did see a rainbow!

These last 2 pictures are of Jordon and Matt holding up antlers. Matt was holding a 22 pound moose antler. Jordon was holding up some dall sheep horns.

Tomorrow we will go on an ATV tour hopefully there will be no rain. We will post about that new adventure tomorrow.

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