Thursday, July 15, 2010

Days 22 – 25 leaving Deadhorse, & going to Denali

It has taken a time to find and time and place to write and post the Blog and post it. So here it goes.

Day 22 We left Deadhorse heading South. It was raining and cold 41 degrees. The roads were very muddy, like driving in mud soup. Some places I had to put the truck in 4 wheel drive to control it and the trailer. We did see another Moose. Atigun Pass was dry and clear, thank God.

Four miles North of Coldfoot we heard a BOOM, it was one of the trailer tires with a big chunk of tire missing, (don’t know where the piece of tire went). We were in a construction caravan and we were going slowly, so we limped into Coldfoot and had them change my tire. We fueled up in Coldfoot and drove about 40 miles South, Pulled off the road and camped for the night

Day 23 We resumed driving south to Nothpole, AK, and got in about 2:30pm. Washed the Trailer (it was really muddy). And did laundry, and did a computer job.

Day 24 We left Northpole, AK to Denali. On the way we saw a smoke from a fire out side of Fairbanks that was started by lighting. The only other thing that we had to stop for is another road construction caravan. In the picture do you see the trailer with the yellow sticker on it? We caught up to them in Nenana AK. That was one of the caravans we were following and had not seen them sense Whithorse, YK. We had lost track of them as we were all in route to Dawson City, YK when we had our crises with Elizabeth and of course more rain.

we will post the next 2 days activities after our tours and other attractions here in Denali National Park.

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  1. I'm loving this blog, and the pix, and the stories. Hang in there, men! You're on an adventure. Thoughts/prayers, too!