Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Five - Dawson Creek - Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway

So, this is the real beginning of the journey! The stuff before here was just necessary to get us to this point. But - today - HOORAY!! We made it to Dawson Creek. This is what is known as Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway.

We left Whiskers Point Provincial Park around 9 this morning, and headed on our way. Not too far up the road, we saw a black bear crossing from one side of the road to another. This wildlife is so exciting to see!! A bit later on we saw - yep - you guessed it, another moose!

We made quite a few stops on the way, as the scenery is just amazing. It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy that beauty that God has created. Just a taste of what is ahead, I am certain. We wish we could share some pictures, but the WiFi at the place we are staying lacks. So, hopefully we can add those in tomorrow.

One of the most noteable places we stopped was Chetwynd, B.C.

It is the chainsaw carving capital of B.C. And WOW - those chainsaw carvings are numerous and beautiful. There was just about everything you could imagine. We had a lot of fun walking around and taking pictures and just enjoying people's creativity. Again - pictures to follow!!

We got in to Dawson Creek around 2:00 and set up camp. After dry camping and not draining the black water tank for a couple of days - well, let's just say that things got a bit, hmmm, icky. But that got taken care of, and we went into town to the visitor's center. We got quite a bit of info for our plans for tomorrow - a walking historical tour of Dawson Creek. And then a few more things, as well. After that, we made a stop at Wal-Mart (yes they are up here as well) - and Safeway. We were all kind of craving some fresh fruit and salad.

So after that we headed on back to our campsite, and had dinner and here we are updating the blog. That's the excitement for the evening! Thanks for each of you who are praying for us - those who have commented, or sent emails and those who have not. We appreciate you!


  1. hey guys... good to see things are going well.

  2. Keep on posting ~ I'm really enjoying your adventures!!! I went to High School (grade 7) in Chetwynd for a bit and lived at Moberly lake and then in Chetwynd itself. We then moved on to Fort St. John (Mile 40 of the Alaska Hwy) for the rest of grade 7, 8 & part of grade 9. We moved lots!! Continue to enjoy yourselves!!