Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Six - Dawson Creek

Yes - we are in Dawson Creek. We had a good night of rest last night and headed out today to see the sites of the city. We went to a couple of museums and a gallery, walked around the city/town. It was a beautiful day, for which we are thankful. The highlight of the day, according to a family poll, was seeing and getting our picture taken by the Mile Zero marker. We have met some people who are both going to and returning from travel to Alaska. It definitely sounds like we have an exciting and interesting time ahead of us. (One gentleman's tow bar for his tow vehicle was bent in half from the ice heaves. Another had cracked his windshield. Another broke a serpentine belt on the Top of the World highway and had to backtrack quite a way in order to get that fixed. Then yet another had broken two axles on his travels, and he hadn't even started the AK highway yet. One person said that now instead of keeping a log as to how many miles they traveled and what they saw, it was what major issue happened that day.) Yes - your prayers are appreciated for protection for our vehicle! Tomorrow we start our journey on the Alaska Highway. Each of us is excited - and ready to get going. Probably have an early bedtime and an early wake-up. We are already encountering late night sun and early morning sun. So makes it a bit easier to get up! When we have access we will continue to update.

Here is our picture taken at the Mile Zero Marker.


  1. Let's hope there are no breakdowns of any kind in your futute! Happy and safe travels!

  2. Safe travels!! I read all of your blog and you all are so organized!! You're going to have a fabulous time!